Is Venus Legacy The Best Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite is a common insecurity for many women, but it is a natural body development that happens as a result of fat deposits in certain areas. Most common in places like the hips, thighs, and buttocks, cellulite is notoriously tough to get rid of. Even with a mix of strict dieting and exercise, most women may see results in other areas before the targeted cellulite shreds off. This lack of consistent progress can be demotivating and may make it more challenging to stick to a routine.

Most people start with specialized massage techniques and fancy creams, but where do you turn when these over-the-counter treatments don’t provide the expected results? Cellulite reduction treatments are a safe and simple way to make progress in reversing the look of fatty tissue. Venus Legacy cellulite treatment uses a combination of advanced technologies to promote benefits from skin tightening to wrinkle reduction, and the SKINIC Aesthetics Center for cellulite treatment will conveniently customize your treatment to fit your body.

Why is Cellulite So Difficult to get Rid of?

It is reported that 80-90% of women will experience cellulite eventually in their lives, but what about this body fat is so different – What makes cellulite so challenging to shred? There are a handful of factors that play into how cellulite appears on someone’s body, including:

  • Hormones: Hormonal changes in the body can affect fat distribution and slow the production of collagen (furthering cellulite production). Hormones like estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, and thyroid hormones impact body weight and how fat is stored in the body. Hormonal medication may be the cause of dramatic weight changes, so you should always consult with your doctor before self-mitigating challenges brought on by medication.
  • Genetic factors: Just like with many other conditions and ailments, if someone in your immediate family line experiences cellulite, you are more likely to face it as well. Your genetics impact everything from the structure of your connective tissue to the elasticity of your skin, all of which will impact the look of cellulite.
  • Structure of fat and other tissue: Cellulite is caused by the relationship between fat and other tissue. As fat deposits push against the connective tissues, a person may notice a lumpy appearance from beneath their skin. Because the cause of cellulite is often structural, the fat may be resistant to traditional treatments like strength training and cardio.
  • Skin thickness: Thinner skin can make cellulite look more prominent because there is less of a barrier to offset the reaction between the fat and the connective tissue. For this reason, some sources recommend retinol cream to gradually thicken the skin. However, it isn’t a universal solution for all people. For many, it won’t be possible to develop thick enough skin from topical creams to reverse the look of cellulite. Furthermore, once you stop using the cream you can lose the progress you’ve made.
  • Age: As the body ages, less collagen is produced and skin loses elasticity. These factors can contribute to the look of cellulite, especially if you’ve noticed the change after a major life milestone like menopause. With age-related cellulite, skin tightening treatments like Emtone work to combat cellulite and loose skin when used in combination with Venus Legacy.
  • Lifestyle factors: Living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a plethora of health concerns — both mental and physical. Poor habits revolving around food and exercise can lead to poor circulation and lymphatic drainage, which promote the look of cellulite. Staying active and eating a balanced diet are the best preventative measures for cellulite.

How Does Venus Legacy Technology Work?

By using a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, Venus Legacy radio frequency skin tightening treatment naturally increases the collagen and elastin fibers that make up connective tissues and preserve the look of smooth and balanced fat dispersion throughout the body.

Multi-polar RF reaches further into the layers of the skin than traditional Bi-polar RF, thereby revolutionizing non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment. This technology works to simultaneously enhance lymphatic drainage and prompt circulation.

Even though this technology is stronger, it isn’t any more painful. Venus Legacy addresses the potential for additional discomfort with Varipulse technology that adjusts suction levels without compromising treatment.

Ultimately, this Multi-Polar RF shrinks fat cells and promotes the smooth distribution of body fat in targeted areas.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

The progress from your treatments will typically start developing after your third session, but you can expect the results to increase over time. You will see tighter skin and reduced cellulite that becomes more gradually noticeable over time.

The results will develop for up to 4 months after your last treatment of Venus Legacy for cellulite reduction. Maintenance may be recommended depending on the specific person and their body, but this treatment can also be a catalyst for other progress involving diet and exercise.

Rapid Results With Venus Legacy and Velashape 3 Treatments

Our clients at SKINIC may benefit from a combination of our body sculpting services. treatments like Velashape 3 can complement the benefits of Multi-Polar RF technology utilized in Venus Legacy cellulite reduction. Velashape 3 targets fat cells by using a device to suction the skin and loosen the connective fibers that cause cellulite. Alongside the suctioning technique, the Velashape 3 device simulates a deep-tissue massage to reshape and contour the area as it’s loosened. This treatment compliments Venus Legacy because it tackles the appearance of bloating.

Is There Any Downtime or Post-Care?

Venus Legacy treatments are quick, painless, and easy to manage. With no pre or post-care to worry about, your time commitment is only as long as your appointment. You’ll spend about 30 minutes in a session, and won’t experience any downtime afterward. In fact, you can go about your day immediately after your appointment.

SKINIC Body Aesthetics Center Offers Personalizable Cellulite Treatment

Feel confident in your curves with SKINIC cellulite treatment in Beverly Hills using Venus Legacy technology. This advanced treatment approach revolutionizes cellulite reduction, providing a painless and non-invasive option for women looking to approach body sculpting in a comfortable way. To learn more about how the Beverly Hills SKINIC body aesthetics center can customize your cellulite reduction treatment using a combination of complementary services, contact us online.

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