Emtone Cellulite Reduction: Here’s everything you need to know

Everyone has cellulite. For some, it’s more visible than for others, but everyone has it because everyone has fat content in their bodies. Gender, genetics, hormones, age, weight, eating habits and other factors contribute to whether or not you won the prize of having more noticeable cellulite. But, even though everyone has it to some degree and its harmless to our health, most of us still want to get rid of it for aesthetic reasons.

The thing about cellulite is that it is notoriously stubborn. People spend hours in the gym and still see that dimpled skin in the mirror. Or spend fortunes on creams that do nothing but hydrate their skin.

That’s why we here at Skinic, Beverly Hills are so excited to be able to offer you a totally new and incredibly effective anti-cellulite treatment. It’s called Emtone, a 100% non-invasive cellulite treatment that harnesses the power of radiofrequency and acoustic waves to target cellulite and stimulate collagen production, resulting in smoother, more even skin tone. Bye-bye orange peel skin!

How does Emtone work? What areas can be treated? What are the sessions like? Am I a candidate for Emtone? Find out the answers to these and other questions by reading on.

How does Emtone work?

Emtone works by using a device that emits radiofrequency that penetrates the surface of your skin to warm up (to a maximum of 111 degrees Fahrenheit) the subcutaneous layer of your skin. That’s where the cellular structures that cause cellulite to appear on the surface are located. The heat stimulates collagen production in the problem-area, resulting in thicker skin that is firmer and tighter, radically reducing the appearance of cellulite.

In addition to radiofrequency, Emtone uses acoustic waves that enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage, preventing liquid retention in the area(s) being treated. This reduces bloating and results in a slimmer silhouette.

What areas can be treated with Emtone?

Emtone is especially designed to target the most common areas where cellulite appears: the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and upper arms. These problem areas are where fat deposits in the body tend to collect the most, causing the fat cells to put pressure on the bands that connect your subcutaneous tissues, resulting in a puckering effect that’s visible on the skin’s surface. That’s why by targeting these areas, Emtone results in smoother, more even skin.

What are the benefits of Emtone?

For those considering which cellulite treatment to try, Emtone has a lot of benefits to offer:

·  It’s totally noninvasive. You can reap the benefits of an improved appearance without the risks associated with surgery.

·  There’s no downtime. You can get a session over your lunch break or while you’re shopping and then go about your day as soon as your session is over.

·  It’s super quick. At 20 minutes per session, it’s a record-breaker in terms of saving time. You’ll be in and out so fast you’ll barely notice.

·  There’s no pain. Forget about “no pain, no gain.” BTL, the company that created Emtone, couldn’t disagree with that outdated adage more. With the right technology, you can get rid of cellulite without experiencing any discomfort at all.

·  As well as reducing the appearance of cellulite, Emtone tightens flaccid skin. If you’ve lost weight or had a baby, this treatment can help tighten up sagging areas.

What can I expect from an Emtone session?

You’ll be lying down during your Emtone sessions while the technician works the device over the targeted area. You’ll feel warmth in the area being treated due to the radiofrequency waves. Some clients say it feels like getting a hot stone massage. You may even feel relaxed enough to fall asleep during your session.

after 2 months

How many sessions will I need?

How many Emtone sessions you’ll need will be assessed by our trained staff on a case-by-case basis. Most clients require four sessions, 1-2 times a week, to get the full benefits of cellulite reduction. Some clients may require more, some less depending on the degree of cellulite and the number of areas being treated.

How soon will I see results?

Emtone stimulates the body to produce collagen, a process that takes about 12 weeks to show full results. Throughout this time, you’ll notice your skin becoming firmer and tighter. On average, clients who use Emtone experience a 59% increase of collagen, a 44% increase in skin thickness and a 64% increase in elastin.

after 3 sessions

Who is an ideal candidate for Emtone?

Anyone with cellulite can receive Emtone, however clients who are close to their ideal weight will benefit the most from treatments. Emtone treats the appearance of cellulite by enhancing collagen production, it’s not designed to be a weight loss treatment. Pregnant women and those who use pacemakers are not candidates for Emtone due to the radiofrequency waves it uses. If you have any doubts about whether or not Emtone is right for you, contact us and our trained experts will determine the best treatment for you goals and needs.

Is Emtone safe?

Emtone is an FDA-approved technology with no adverse side effects. It’s totally non-invasive, painless and there’s no downtime. For each Emtone session, you’ll lie on a grounding pad that ensures total safety for each session. Additionally, there’s no danger of heating up the skin too much as the device has a built-in shut-off system that turns it off before the skin goes over its maximum temperature of 111 degrees Fahrenheit.


Emtone is a state-of-the art anti-cellulite treatment that offers amazing results. Improve the appearance of your skin and say goodbye to cellulite with just a few quick, pain-free sessions. Contact us at Skinic, Beverly Hills to book a consultation and get ready for smoother, firmer, more beautiful skin.

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