Emerald Laser For Fat Reduction. What Can You Expect?

Whether you have tough-to-target body fat or are looking to slim down your overall frame, Emerald Laser technology can be a productive alternative to invasive methods that leave patients swollen and bruised. This treatment innovatively utilizes advanced touchless technology to achieve results without the physically exhausting effects of other methods like liposuction and surgery. Emerald Laser is a clinically tested and FDA-approved technology that can garner impressive weight loss results for different body types and goals. SKINIC Body Aesthetics Center was one of the first providers in the country, which has allowed the facility to grow with the technology and expand on usage. Today, SKINIC offers Emerald Laser as a standalone service and to complement other body sculpting treatments.

What Is Emerald Laser Technology?

Emerald Laser, or low light laser therapy (LLLT), is a non-invasive treatment that targets fat cells using a cold laser treatment to penetrate the first layer of skin. The energy from the laser temporarily creates pores in the membranes of the fat cells, allowing for fatty acids, glycerol, and water stored within the fat to melt away.

With Emerald Laser technology, this fat reduction process can be done without damaging the endocrine function of fat cells, making it a safe and holistic option. This process is less risky than a cell-killing process like cryolipolysis or lipectomy.

This process relies on the lymphatic system which is responsible for processing the substances and ultimately flushing them out. It is an example of photobiomodulation, or techniques that utilize light to stimulate natural healing in living things.

Does This Treatment Hurt?

When most people think about weight loss treatments at medical spas or body sculpting offices, they may think of invasive or otherwise uncomfortable procedures that are oftentimes nerve-wracking to commit to. Emerald Laser will reshape what you think about weight loss.

Lipo laser treatments like this one are painless. Some people report feeling nothing at all while others experience a slight tingle. While everyone’s experience is different, the treatment should not ever be painful. In fact, you’re encouraged to sit back and relax for your 30-minute session.

Is There Any Downtime To Emerald Laser?

The beautiful thing about Emerald Laser’s gentle but powerful technology is that it leaves no exhausting effect on the body. No swelling, bruising, or wounds are necessary to achieve results with LLLT technology, therefore patients can expect to return to life as normal after an Emerald Laser weight loss treatment session. It is recommended to stay hydrated post-session to promote detoxification through lymphatic flushing.

Will I Need To Prepare For My Emerald Laser Treatment?

Your sessions for Emerald Laser should be a relaxing experience. When you come in, you can expect to be greeted and guided to your room to get comfortable by one of our trusted team members. The SKINIC team is there to manage your journey from the beginning to the end of your sessions, so you don’t have to worry about preparing anything before your visit. Although, we always recommend staying hydrated, because dehydration can change body composition.

How Many Sessions Will It Take To Achieve Full Results?

Everyone is different, so naturally that means every body is different, too. When you decide to begin Emerald Laser sessions, you will sit down with an experienced professional to build a personalized treatment plan. You and a provider will outline your goals and a realistic course of action that includes the desired areas, length of treatment, etc.

It is advised to start with one treatment per week and gradually increase to two sessions per week with a minimum of 10 visits to achieve optimal results.

You can use Emerald Laser in combination with other services like Miracle Sculpt can boost fat loss by stimulating lymphatic drainage – the system that shreds fat cells in the body from an Emerald Laser treatment.

Results after the 6th session, 45 days of treatment

When Will Results Begin To Show?

The lymphatic system will need time to carry the water, fatty acids, and glycerol through the body and flush them out, so expect the results from Emerald Laser to be pronounced gradually over time. While results vary depending on the body composition of the patient, they can generally be noticed after roughly 3 or 4 sessions.

What Do Results Look Like?

Your body is unique to you, but sculpting services can help you bring out the best of your features. Amazingly, the average circumference loss for Emerald Laser is 6”, making it one of the most effective treatments on the market. Moreover, you can further target fat cells with services like Venus Legacy – a powerful technology to combat cellulite.

Optimal Candidates For Emerald Laser Fat Reduction

Emerald Laser treatment is an ideal option for those who are looking to lose weight without any invasive procedures or exhaustive recovery time. This lipo laser treatment is the only device cleared by the FDA to promote weight loss in individuals up to 40 BMI. Emerald Laser fat reduction treatments are an option for those looking to lose stubborn fat in hard-to-reach areas or looking to treat overall body circumference.

Is Emerald Laser Safe?

Emerald Laser treatments are among the gentlest of cosmetic weight loss options. This technology is FDA-cleared and was developed by Erchonia, a US-based company that has been committed to LLLT research for more than 25 years.

How Long Will My Results Last?

You can expect to love your Emerald Laser treatments forever! The results of Emerald Laser treatment can be permanent alongside the right nutrition and physical activity commitments. While LLLT treatment shouldn’t be a person’s sole route for weight loss, it can complement other steps taken to achieve a slimmer figure.

Is Emerald Laser For Weight Loss A Good Option For Me?

When deciding whether or not to move forward with an Emerald Laser consultation, consider this checklist of questions:

  • Do I have stubborn fat that I can’t drop?
  • Am I looking for a non-invasive option?
  • Am I willing to bruise and swell from other methods?
  • Can I commit to 1 or 2 30-minute sessions per week?
  • Do I have a BMI of 40 or under?

SKINIC Body Aesthetics Center Is THE Exclusive Emerald Laser Treatment Facility In L.A.

A comfortable weight loss journey begins at SKINIC in Beverly Hills. No needles, no fuss, no downtime! Our Emerald Laser Treatment Center is the exclusive provider for L.A. residents, and we have team members standing by to help you learn more about what Emerald Laser can do for your weight loss goals. Our professionals have spent years mastering the use of this technology in combination with our other services like Miracle Sculpt and Venus Legacy . To book a consultation with an Emerald Laser provider in Beverly Hills, contact the SKINIC Body Aesthetics Center online today!

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