How combining Emerald Laser with Miracle Sculpt can boost your fat loss

Whether you’re gearing up for an upcoming event or just want to look your absolute best as soon as possible, you’ll love combining the benefits of fat loss with the contouring massage. Here’s how you do it: at Skinic Beverly Hills, we offer the powerful duo of two exclusive treatments with Emerald lipo laser and Miracle Sculpt massage. With these two methods, you’ll not only lose stubborn fat, saying goodbye to unwanted inches and bulges, but you’ll also contour your figure to give you the shapely silhouette you desire. By combining two of our most effective treatments, the only danger is that you might want to budget an extra ten minutes into your mornings to check out the fantastic results in the mirror.

What is Emerald Laser?

Emerald Laser is a revolutionary new lipo laser treatment that uses low-level laser frequency to target fat cells. The laser breaks down the fat cell structure, essentially melting the fat cells and shrinking them. The lipids in the fat cells are then released through the body’s lymphatic system, resulting in fat loss and measurements reduction.

What are the benefits of Emerald Laser treatments?

Emerald Laser is state-of-the-art fat reduction treatment. You’ll see amazing results in just a few sessions. Compared to other lipo laser treatments, Emerald Laser takes off up to three times the average inches of other treatments. It’s that effective. If you’re looking to reduce fat on your thighs, buttocks, back, abdomen, arms and even on your neck, chin, and ankles this precise technology can target the areas that are giving you the most trouble to get rid of.

For clients with BMI’s over 30, lipo laser treatments weren’t possible, forcing them to undergo invasive surgeries and long recoveries. Emerald Laser is an approved treatment for clients with a BMI of up to 40, making it the first non-invasive lipo laser fat loss treatment that’s available to everyone.

For many clients, the number one benefit of Emerald Laser is that there are no side effects. It’s completely pain-free, and you can walk out of your session and go back to work or head straight to an event. There’s no scarring, redness, or recovery time at all. Just incredible results.

What is Miracle Sculpt?

Miracle Sculpt is a combination of shaping massage with lymphatic drainage massage. By using the power of the body’s natural lymphatic system to drain excess liquids through specific massage strokes and movements while also contouring your shape, you get amazing results with a beautiful new silhouette.

What are the benefits of Miracle Sculpt?

Created by our specialists at Skinic, this massage reduces the appearance of cellulite while eliminating bloating and swelling. The contouring strokes will sculpt you into a shapely new figure.

This massage is gentle, yet highly effective. Don’t be fooled if you’re being lulled to sleep with the rhythmic strokes – underneath the surface, your body is being transformed, and by the end of the session, you’ll see immediate results on the surface with reduced cellulite and bloating and a beautifully contoured new shape as well.
Why should I combine Emerald Laser and Miracle Sculpt treatments?

The answer is simple: Emerald Laser melts fat cells that are then flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system. Miracle Sculpt potentializes this process by stimulating a quicker lymphatic drainage response with its special massage strokes.

It can take some time to see the results after getting an Emerald laser treatment. But, by combining it with Miracle Sculpt, you’ll be able to see the results of your Emerald lipo laser more quickly. And who doesn’t want to look better faster?

Who should get an Emerald Laser + Miracle Sculpt combo?

Virtually anyone can get an Emerald Laser + Miracle sculpt duo treatment. It’s safe and effective for all ages and body types, even those with higher BMIs. That being said, it’s contraindicated for those with pacemakers, women who are pregnant, and those currently dealing with cancer. If you have any doubts about whether or not this power combo is safe for you, feel free to contact us at Skinic so one of our specialists can analyze the best approach for your goals.

There are lots of reasons why you might consider this powerful treatment combo:

·   Brides preparing for their wedding

·   Clients with an upcoming event to attend

·   New mothers looking to lose baby weight and get their figure back after stop breastfeeding

·   Clients who want to lose stubborn fat and sculpt their figures

·   Anyone who wants to look their best as soon as possible

Emerald Laser + Miracle Sculpt will put you on track to get the body you want without having to wait forever for results.

What can I expect during an Emerald Laser and Miracle Sculpt treatment?

The Emerald lipo laser treatment is a quick 30-minute treatment. The laser equipment is aimed at the targeted fat loss area but doesn’t actually touch your body. It’s pain-free and you can relax completely during your session.

The Miracle Sculpt massage is a hands-on massage treatment that uses a special combination of strokes that clients find soothing. Some clients even fall asleep while getting a Miracle Sculpt massage. There’s no aggressive pinching and painful deep tissue strokes that can cause bruising. Instead, you’ll walk out refreshed and relaxed with an amazing brand-new figure.

What should I do to maximize the effects of my Emerald Laser and Miracle Sculpt treatments?

There are a few ways you can get more out of your treatments:

–   Drink lots of water. As both treatments activate the lymphatic response, drinking water will help the body flush out the fat lipids, excess liquids, and toxins more quickly.

–   Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen. While Emerald Laser is a fat loss treatment, you can put the weight back on if you don’t adopt a healthy routine of physical activity and balanced nutrition.

–   Get the number of treatments recommended by our specialists. Depending on your desired results, our trained technicians at Skinic will recommend a plan to help you reach those goals. By attending all sessions, properly scheduled and spaced out, you’ll achieve your fat loss and body contouring goals.


You can lose weight and have the figure you want without having to wait for the results with Emerald Laser and Miracle Sculpt. There’s no combination that’s more effective for getting rid of stubborn fat and giving your body the shape you want to see in the mirror. Contact us at Skinic to book your combo appointment.

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