3D Body Scan

What is a 3D Body Scanner?

When you invest in treatments to improve your body and your health, measuring your results is important. You want to know how many inches lost, how much your BMI has decreased and whether or not you met your goals.

We at Skinic believe in empowering our clients with information. That’s why we use a top-of-the-line body scan device by Styku. This device breaks down all the important data from measurements, BMI, shape analysis, risk assessment and more. Best of all, it’s trusted for its accuracy, so you know you’re getting the most precise results available when you use it.

How does Styku’s body scanner work?

While the technology for Styku’s body scanner is advanced, getting a body scan couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is stand on a rotating platform and as the platform turns, the scanner’s infrared sensor reads important information about your body’s composition. No need to worry about safety. It’s safe for everyone, even pregnant women.

What is the body scan used for?

Before you start any treatment package with us, we’ll do a body scan, and a technitian will go over all the results with you. Then we’ll repeat this again after you’ve completed your treatments. This accomplishes two things: 1) It helps us get a complete understanding of your health and problem areas before we start any treatments 2) It allows you to fully understand your starting point and track your progress after your treatments are finished to see how much progress you’ve made.

Beyond scales and tape measures – what does a body scanner measure?

Skinic’s body scanner from Styku measures all the things you want to know about your body, and more. We’ll mostly focus on two key areas such as:

·  Measurements – measure hundreds of areas with incredible precision

·  Fat % – analyzes the amount of fat in your body including overall fat and visceral fat

Styku’s body scan also allows us to see if there are any health red flags, such as being at risk for obesity. In addition, it measures things like posture and bone density.

However, one of the things our clients love the most about the body scan is being able to compare the before and after image of themselves in 3D. This gives such a clear view of the reduced bulges and the enhanced silhouette. Styku also has a popular feature that shows an outline overlay with the before and after outlines.

Seeing these images along with a breakdown of the measurements and fat percentages side by side really drives home the progress to clients. Just recently, a client burst into tears upon seeing the results of her 6-week treatment package. Having lost 6 inches and being able to see the difference so clearly in the numbers and the images made her feel overwhelmed with emotion. We know how difficult it can be to lose inches and seeing this clear progress makes it all worth it. 


While many medspas don’t use body scanners, we at Skinic think it’s a vital part of any treatment package. Sure, clients will be able to notice the difference when they can fit into their jeans better and the scale can tell them how much weight they lost. But measuring important indexes like BMI and visceral fat is important for overall health and wellbeing. Beyond our treatments that will give you the shape you want, you’ll also enhance your knowledge and understanding of your body and your health.

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