Emerald Laser: The Latest Treatment for Fat Reduction

Getting rid of stubborn fat can be very frustrating. We all go through phases where it’s difficult to lose weight for one reason or another. Whether we have a demanding job that makes it hard to get in workouts or our hormones change as we welcome a new baby to the world, we can find ourselves in situations where getting to our ideal weight feels impossible. Other times, we just want to look better faster. Maybe you have a big event coming up, like a wedding, and want to look your best.

In cases like these, a little extra help doesn’t hurt. Noninvasive fat loss is possible with Emerald laser. These lipo laser treatments target fat and help reduce measurements safely and effectively. Emerald laser is offered exclusively at Skinic Beverly Hills. If you Google “Beverly Hills fat loss” or “Beverly Hills fat reduction,” you’ll find our clinic at the top of the search page. That’s because we offer quality and exclusive fat reduction treatments like Emerald lipo laser to help you achieve your ideal weight.

How does Emerald laser work?

The Emerald laser uses a cold laser technology introduced by Erchonia, a company committed to bringing low laser treatments to the market for the last 24 years – the true gold standard of lipo laser technology. Emerald laser works by targeting fat cells with a low-level laser (10 532 nm) that essentially melts fat cells within the adipose tissues. The fat then passes through the lymphatic system and is released from the body. As the targeted fat is flushed from the body, clients experience the benefits of weight and measurement loss and lowered BMI.

What are the benefits of Emerald laser?

It’s super quick.

Each session is 30 minutes. If you’re a new mom, you know how hard it is to get some time away, but a quick 30-minute session, while the baby is napping with your partner or a sitter, is all you need to reduce post-baby weight with an Emerald laser treatment.

Likewise, for those with busy schedules, a quick session over your lunch break can help you get rid of unwanted fat and then get right back to work without skipping a beat.

And nobody is as busy as a bride before her wedding, so instead of hitting the gym and wearing yourself out, taking 30 minutes with a session of Emerald lipo laser can be a moment for you to relax and have some me-time while getting into shape you want your partner to see you in on your wedding day.

There’s no downtime

The downtime after invasive surgery is the worst. You can’t go out, you have to worry about infection and it’s painful. Being able to get noninvasive fat reduction treatments is a result of how advanced aesthetic technology has become. You don’t have to go through all that risk and pain and you can still get the results you want in fat and measurements reduction. If you have an event around the corner, it’s now possible for you to reduce fat in time for your event with no side effects, scarring or downtime. For new mothers who can’t spare weeks or months of recovery time, a lipo laser is the ideal solution to losing the baby weight. And for brides-to-be who don’t have time and don’t want to risk a bad result or infection right before their big day, this is a safe and effective option that offers you the results of plastic surgery without the pain.

It’s really effective

Emerald laser is the most effective lipo laser on the market. The results are stunning with the average circumference loss of 6.” Other lasers on the market can take off half that. The revolutionary technology efficiently targets fat cells. Not only that, but it’s the only lipo laser that can be used for people with a BMI of up to 40. Other lasers work for individuals who are already close to their ideal weight, but Emerald laser works for people with higher BMIs as well, providing a solution for fat loss for everybody. Most clients need about four 30- minute sessions to get the results they want. That’s it. Just two hours to lose what would take you months to lose with workout and dieting.

Is Emerald laser safe?

It’s completely safe!. Emerald laser is FDA approved and has been tested in trials for safety. There are no side effects associated with this treatment, only slimmer bodies. Additionally, when the fat is emulsified, it gets flushed out of the body’s system through a natural detoxification process, so it’s safe for everyone, even those with a variety of health conditions. Nursing mothers can receive Emerald laser treatments without worrying about any adverse effects.

Who should get Emerald laser treatments?

Anyone looking to get rid of stubborn fat benefits from Emerald lipo laser treatments, including:

·  New mothers

·  Brides or grooms-to-be

·  Anyone wanting to lose weight and look their best

Emerald laser can target all the areas where stubborn fat tends to collect such as the thighs, buttocks, waist, abdomen, arms, back and even the ankles and neck.

What Emerald laser is not

Emerald laser is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. To maintain the results from your treatments, it’s important to establish a balanced health regimen, otherwise, you risk putting the weight back on. Losing fat with lipo laser can be a great boost to your confidence to get that slimmer body and be able to fit into your bikini, jeans, or wedding dress, so keep up the momentum by keeping up a healthy lifestyle.


The Emerald lipo laser is the most effective lipo laser treatment on the market and can help you reach your fat loss goals fast. If you’re looking to slim down after having a baby or want to be able to walk down the aisle looking amazing or just want to lose stubborn fat, this treatment is for you. Call us at Skinic Beverly Hills to book your first Emerald laser appointment.

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