What is the best laser for hair removal? Everything you need to know

Laser hair removal is hands-down one of the best inventions of the 20th century. In fact, laser hair removal has been downright revolutionary in allowing us to stop incessant shaving, plucking and, infamously painful waxing.

But while this amazing technology has helped us avoid these less than desirable alternatives, it’s also come with its downsides like long, painful sessions that have to be repeated multiple times. There are even cases of hair growing back after stopping sessions.

But all that is in the past with the new Triton by Inmode. Triton is the best laser hair removal on the market today. It’s so amazing and the results are so fantastic that it’s hard to imagine someone improving on it anytime soon.

What is Triton laser hair removal?

Triton is a complete hair removal solution. By using the best laser technology on the market, it applies multiple laser wavelengths simultaneously to permanently remove hair follicles. It combines the 3 most popular wavelengths (755, 810, and 1064) to ensure that you can finally say “bye-bye” to all hair follicles, from the finer ones to those infamous thick and deeply rooted ones. Its built-in cooling system also ensures total safety for all skin tones from I-VI. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this amazing new laser hair removal device.

Why is Triton better than other hair removal techniques?

All laser hair removal techniques target the hair follicle’s melanin which is what gives the hair its color. The laser is set to detect the hair’s melanin so that it can be precise and destroy only the hair follicle and not skin tissue.

As with every technology, over time, it improves. So, while the previous technology of hair removal devices was effective, today they’re kind of outdated. While the older techniques weren’t as precise and essentially blasted the hair and skin with high-frequency lasers to kill the hair follicles, Triton is way gentler and more targeted. It’s by far the most cutting-edge laser hair removal technology you’ll find today. There are so many reasons why it’s superior:

  1. Triton has a built-in cooling system, unlike other LHR devices which have a cooling system you have to attach, meaning it’s less comfortable for the client.
  2. Triton is the only laser hair removal device that fires two wavelengths at the same time. That means fewer treatments for the same effect, so you don’t have to book as many sessions in order to get the results you want.
  3. It’s safe for all skin types and even works safely on tanned skin. It’s ideal for all areas of the face and body.

Why should I try Triton laser hair removal?

Anyone who has unwanted hair in any area should book a laser hair removal session with a spa or clinic with professionals trained on how to safely use Triton like our professionals at Skinic. Triton permanently removes the hair so that you’ll never have to worry about plucking, waxing, or shaving again.

Who hasn’t been caught emergency shaving or waxing at some point? The sheer anxiety of unwanted hair maintenance has been a menace in our lives long enough. Triton will let us get on with our lives without ever having to do emergency hair maintenance again!

If you want to get rid of facial hair, back hair, chest hair, pubic hair, navel hair, hair on your toes or forearms, underarm hair, hair on your legs, buttocks, or anywhere else where you just never want to see that hair again, Triton is the answer to your hair removal prayers.

What’s it like to get my hair removed with Triton laser hair removal?

We’ve been led to believe that hair removal requires any combination of painful, sticky, time-consuming, damaging to the skin, and potentially even dangerous techniques. To anyone who ever got burned by a waxing, cut themselves shaving, or battled ingrown hairs from plucking, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Easy, painless, and fast-acting hair removal is within your reach with Triton.

This technology is so advanced and so client-friendly they’ve literally thought of everything to make us love it:

It’s pain-free – For a lot of people, this is the part they simply can’t believe. Hair removal from the roots without the pain? Believe it! Triton’s built-in cooling system allows you to just lie down and get your hair follicles zapped without breaking a sweat.

It’s super convenient – Compared to other hair removal devices currently on the market, Triton’s technology is so advanced that you’ll get the same results in 20 minutes as you would get in a 60-minute session with the other LHR devices. That’s because it uses multiple laser wavelengths that cover a wider area per laser fire. You’ll also need fewer sessions to achieve permanent hair removal, giving you not only superior quality but unbeatable value.

It’s safe – This super effective hair removal device is totally safe for all skin types. For clients with darker skin tones who were left without options before, you now have a 100% safe hair removal solution available to you as Triton is appropriate for all skin types and tones.

It’s a permanent solution – Some laser hair treatments don’t live up to the hype and clients find the hair growing back after they stop treatments. Triton permanently removes all hair so you never have to worry about body hair grooming and upkeep again.

With so many reasons to get laser hair removal with Triton, it’s hard to think of a good reason not to try it!


You don’t have to suffer from painful, impermanent hair removal techniques or outdated and painful laser technologies anymore. Triton’s advanced device provides the best laser hair removal on the market. Pain-free, efficient, and safe for all skin types and skin areas, it’s the ultimate solution to your hair removal needs. Book an appointment at Skinic today!

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